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Messes big and small, we clean them all.



Prepare any work site prior to the beginning of construction.  Once construction is complete, we prepare the facility or site for opening day. If you have just finished a construction project, you are most likely in need of post-construction cleaning. Here is just a partial list of the work we will take care of for you when you hire us to take care of your post-construction clean-up needs.

  • Remove dust and clean the walls.

  • Dust ceiling and ceiling fans.

  • Clean trim, baseboards, window frames and doors.

  • Vacuum carpet.

  • Sweep and clean the floor. 

  • Wipe down all windows. 

  • Clear all light fixtures and bulbs.

  • Remove all garbage.

  • Remove dust from inside all cabinets

From pre to post-construction, we've got a cleaning plan that will fit your needs.

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